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A thread in the tapestry

In the carved ornament there is a barely visible “thread” flowing through the entire piece. This “thread” symbolizes the people we meet along our life’s path. Some of these people become permanently intertwined with us, others leave us with vivid memories, and still others are only noticed (or not) after they have left.

My mirror is precisely about those relationships that life brings us. Often they are a surprise to us as well. It may take years to develop a lasting friendship, while others can leave an impression after only one evening! And you too are that same “thread” for others, intertwining yourself in to their life story.

Of course, a mirror is to be looked into! Hung in the home where you have the time to appreciate the elegant woodcarving, the luscious velvet that accompanies it, and your own beautiful self! You may even catch a smile on the face of your family and friends when they stop by

Wood iroko, black velvet, 33 x 55 x 3 cm, 2019

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