"Muzeon" holiday ornaments (hollow)


Let me tell you the story about how I managed, against the odds, to make 100 holiday ornaments in only 2 weeks (half the time it should have taken)!


Near the end of 2013, the Muzeon park and museum decided they wanted to order 100 souvenir New Year tree ornaments to sell in their shop. By the time we traversed all of the bureaucratic steps, decided on design and colors, and signed all the necessary paperwork, there were just over 2 weeks left before New Year! In just over 2 weeks, then, I needed to buy all the necessary materials, and paint one of two chosen designs on each of the 100 ornaments, individually, and by hand!


Fear not! I managed to complete the order, though for 2 weeks I lived and worked like a machine, resting little, and spending not more than 40 minutes per hemisphere.