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"The Little Owl"

"Little Owl" lovespoon

Beginning in the 16th century, young lovers in Wales (United Kingdom) would give "lovespoons" to each other as a sign of their love and affection. As a rule, these spoons were carved exclusively from a single piece of wood. Many of these young lovers would try to carve the spoons themselves, to demonstrate the strength of their love. Those with other talents might instead rely upon the craftsmanship of a professional woodcarver when displaying their feelings.


Centuries later, the latter approach is exactly what my client Georgia had in mind when she came to me. We chose, of course, her boyfriend's favorite animal for their lovespoon - a Little Owl.

The size is 25 х 10 х 5 см.


The "Little Owl" lovespoon is now in Manchester, England and "hoots" out its love every day!

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