“Scream” decorative sculpture

The mini sculpture “Scream” is inspired by the (in)famous Edvard Munch paintings. When I was contacted about the piece, my client wanted a piece that evoked the work of the expressionist.


During the project and even now when I look at photos of the piece, the phase “AHHHHHHH! DEAR GOD! WHAT IS GOING ON!?” comes to mind. This is incidentally quite appropriate for life in Russia, and even more so for a the life of a journalist, the chosen profession of my client.


“Scream” is carved from a single block of tilia (basswood) and measures 20 х 8 х 4 cm. Color was added to the piece using a combination of wood stains, wood burning and airbrushed paint. The box is hand painted in the style of Munch using lacquer. 


The piece is currently located in Moscow, Russia.