Wooden mountains
Ropes hand painted

"Madey mountain" 

“Madey mountain” decorative plaque

Price from 200 USD

Creative timeline 2-3 weeks


When William M. contacted me for the first time, he needed something original to give two of his friends who were getting married. After discussing different ideas, we settled on something that reflected a shared love of both newlyweds - rock climbing. 


William figured he could give them their own mountain to start out on as they climbed through life together, and since he couldn’t get them the real thing, he opted for a mountain made of wood. The Madeys’ mountain featured front and center among the wedding gifts and photographs at the the couple’s summer union.


“Madey mountain” is carved from a single block of tilia (basswood) and measures 35 х 25 х 6 cm. The ropes are brush painted and the names of the newlyweds are burned into the wood.


The piece is currently located in Little Rock, AR, USA.  

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