"Russian avan guard"

“Russian avant guard” pendant

Price from 300 USD  

Creative timeline from 2-3 weeks

Emma J., pictured with the pendant, is an architecture student from the United States. In 2016 she took a course on Soviet avant guard architecture and that summer traveled to Russia for her older brother’s wedding.


While in Moscow, Emma made a point of seeking out all the buildings she had studied. And as a memento I carved her this unique pendant made from African rosewood and featuring three of her favorite avant guard masterpieces: the Melnikov House, the Inturist Garage, and the Zeus Workers’ Club.


Working with African rosewood was a real treat, despite the hardness of the wood. More than anything else I enjoyed juxtaposing these architectural elements with the rosewood’s own unique wood grain “architecture”.


“Russian avant guard” is finished in Danish oil and measures 13 х 5 х 2 cm.


Emma wears the pendent in her adopted home town of Austin, TX, USA.


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