"Doctor Scream"

“Doctor Scream” decorative sculpture

Price from 150 USD

Creative timeline from 1-2 weeks


The mini sculpture “Doctor Scream” is inspired by the (in)famous Edvard Munch paintings. When Dr. Dmitri P. contacted me, he wanted a piece that evoked the work of the expressionist, but had a slight twist inspired by Dmitri’s profession. It didn’t take long for us to settle on the idea of “Doctor Scream”.


“Doctor Scream” is carved from a single block of tilia (basswood) and measures 20 х 8 х 4 cm. Color was added to the piece using a combination of wood stains, wood burning and airbrushed paint. The white robe is colored using a special acidic whitening agent. The box is hand painted in the style of Munch using lacquer. 


The piece is currently located in Moscow, Russia.


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