Древесина и плитки

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

What and for Whom

First, a potential client needs to contact me, either by phone or by email, and tell me what it is he or she wants and, if it is a gift, for whom. Even if you are not sure what you want, by contacting me we can get started on developing your ideas and making them a reality.

Step 4


After we have settled on the initial idea, I draw multiple sketches with different variations on the themes we have discussed. You pick the version that speaks to you, and we discuss pricing and a creative timeline (pricing depends on many different factors, including the materials to be used, such as the type(s) of wood, the difficulty of the design chosen, the desired timeline and the location of delivery).

Making the Order

After we have agreed on the piece, design, price and timeline, we write up the order, the client pays 50% of agreed upon price (in a method convenient for you) and I begin.

Step 5

From Wood to Art

The longest and most important step is, of course, the creation of your piece. Throughout the process, I will stay in close contact with you, sending pictures of your piece's progress, clarifying any details that come up, and answering any questions that you might have.


Finally, your piece is complete and ready for you! We agree on a time and place for me to deliver your work of art and you pay me the final 50% of our agreed price (again, in a method convenient for you). I like to follow up with my clients in a few months, after they have either gifted their piece or placed it in their home, and ask that you photograph the piece in context for my portfolio and site.

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