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Having done numerous sketches in studio, I wanted to go deeper and try to give life to the soul of the models here. I wanted to imagine what was on the inside; how one’s essence can be given life in wood, epoxy and paint. A different look at a woman’s body - expressing its soul.


Here the woman is both present and absent simultaneously. Physically she is with us, but perhaps emotionally she is somewhere else; her body present, but her thoughts far away.


The materials used emphasise this contrast: the difference in textures between glossy, evenly laid epoxy and the rough, almost jagged topography of the wood shavings. The contrast in colours between white and yellow, light beige and dark brown. 

Fibreboard, epoxy, pigment, wood shavings (walnut) 33.5 cm x 24.5 cm x 1cm, 2019

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